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Termite Control

For subterranean termites, treatment options for existing structures may include dusting, baiting & monitoring, chemical soil barriers or a combination of these. All work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 3660. We recommend the five steps to a complete Safe-Side success

  1. Inspection of entire property – from top to bottom, inside and out
  2. Colony control using dusting or baiting
  3. Chemical soil barrier (if suitable for the construction type)
  4. Follow-up inspection
  5. Ongoing support and advice to ensure your home stays termite free

Colony control

Melbourne Termite Inspection &  Control

It is a fact that many companies do not carry out adequate colony control measures. The Australian Standards 3660 which set out guidelines for termite management stipulates that all efforts must be made to locate the offending termite nest(s) and physically destroy or treat directly with a chemical registered for this purpose. Where the offending nest or multiple nests cannot be located, indirect colony control by way of dusting or baiting must be attempted.

At Safe-Side we insist on an initial programme of Termidor dusting or termite baiting prior to any form of chemical soil barrier. It is important to remember that this will take more than one visit. Some dodgy operators will tell you that they can inspect/dust and install a chemical barrier all in the one day, but this is grossly inadequate and unethical.

Why can’t we just spray my house and not worry about dusting or baiting?

If the colony isn’t eliminated it is likely that this termite nest will then produce additional colonies in surrounding areas which will be in foraging distance of your home. Termite colonies have been known to forage more than 100 metres from their nesting location. If you only installed a chemical soil barrier it is inevitable that the chemical will break down and the termites will be waiting or trying to breach that barrier.

Chemical Soil Barriers -
What you the home owner must know

Once colony control is achieved, we highly recommend installing a chemical soil barrier in accordance with Australian Standards 3660. These standards have been developed by some of the best and most experienced people in the country. These standards must be adhered to where any termite management is carried out and especially chemical soil barriers.

Safe-Side termite control will explain how the chemical soil barrier is installed and how it complies to the Australian Standards. This will include the volume of chemical that will be applied and where the chemical is being applied.

At Safe-Side we only offer Premium termite control products, we will provide you with all the relevant details of the chemical we believe to be the most appropriate for your situation. Every property is different and what might be best for your neighbour could be inappropriate for your home. We will take the time to educate you so you can make informed decision in regards to protecting your property.

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